Knows the best tricks for the Clash Royale

Clash Royale has been one of the games greatest expectations have risen in recent months. Both Clash of Clans fans as those who are not, we have had some curious to see how Supercell would be able to implement a strategy game and letters within the fantasy world of Clash of Clans. The result has been very good and after only a few weeks and has more than 10 million downloads and rising at a dramatic rate. However, strategy games can often be a challenge, so here we bring you some tips for Clash Royale and thus help to progress through the game more easily.

Do not miss the tricks for clash royale

clash royale tricks

Level Up Fast

Which is quite important to advance Clash Royale is level up. You can do this simply by fighting in battles, but there are some ways to get experience that not everyone knows. For this it is essential that you join a clan, as well as giving you experience allows you to perform other actions will also result in extra experience. Among them, donate your letters to fellow clan. Getting to 20 cards, watch a battle through TV Royale or leveling up your characters are other ways to gain experience to level up.

Attentive to the coffers

One of the tricks to the most important Clash Royale is periodically enter the application to get the wooden chests that give you free every 4 hours. Note that you can collect up to 2 unopened, so if you connect every 8 hours you will be squeezing the most of the resources that gives you the game.

If you do not want to have to be counting the hours, you can always turn on notifications for the application to go warning you when you have new boxes have been opened or others.

Some caskets are slow to open, so we are often tempted to use gems to accelerate, but really if we have a little patience can prevent this. You try to open the chests of silver when you’re active and you can open several program soon and take the longest to when you go to sleep and so take advantage of better weather.

The letters are the basis of the game

royale tricks for clash

Manage resources is fine, but what will bring victory in battle are the cards of your deck. You know that you can only have bundles of 8 cards , so that the deck has to be very balanced. One of the tricks to the Clash Royale concerning the deck would be that the cards do not have an average expenditure of more than 4.5 elixir, because if they have a cost too high can not react quickly to an attack.

Another very important aspect is the evolution of your cards. At first you will have all level one, but as can should go increasing their level. Clash Royale Hack

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