10 Tips: How are you in “The Journey” for soccer star

From young talent to world star: The new game mode “The Journey” comes in “Fifa 17” -Gaming good. We give a few tips for easier access.


One of the biggest innovations in ” Fifa 17″ is the story mode, called “The Journey”. In it, you take on the role of young talent Alex Hunter, who debuted as a 17-year-old at a Premier League club and will be one of the biggest football stars in the world. This is not just about scoring goals (or what to avoid), but they also experienced the ups and downs of the international football business. So it was bubbling in important games only on the bench, gets cool for actions more followers in social networks and constantly feels the competition from the other players. We give a few tips for the new game mode.

1. As important as the response options are really

Whether in training or in the mixed zone: You can often in discussions or interviews for several possible answers (Cool, Balanced, hotheaded) decide. On the course of the story you change nothing. Select the coolness variant, like the coach, but comes from the public at little. Respond hotheaded, collect fast followers, resulting in major sponsorship deals – but the coach which is very enthusiastic and you risk possibly the trunk space. The balanced version is a compromise of the two.

2. What’s up with sponsors to be?

Are you in interviews a hothead, you fly the hearts of fans too formal. It is even faster but if you convince with excellent performance. With 200,000 followers waiting the first sponsor: Adidas. Alex then gets new high-tech offenders, provide however in the game not a single advantage – quite realistic. More deals can be found at 275,000 and 300,000 followers. But even that has no real impact on the story, but you get some nice cutscenes to see, including that with real stars as Angel di Maria.

3. Select Skills wisely

The more Alex Hunter is in “The Journey”, the more skill points you unlock. In order to improve about your duel or dribbling. However, you should carefully consider in what capacity you invest points – and in which not. As a striker, you should improve logically everything that makes Shots and headers dangerous as a midfielder should rather dribbling and the fit are the focus. Generally recommended are a higher speed and endurance, standards on the other hand, you can at least negligible at the beginning.

4. Must the requirements of the coach reach

In the first match in which you are off the bench, it’s not just about winning – you must convince the coach himself. There are a number of requirements expected by the manager: So you must achieve at least a match rating of 7.0 or higher, a template for a goal have given and have even allowed no goals. Achieving one or more of these requirements, there are additional points and rise faster in the favor of the coach, what you turn ensures a regular place. A general rule of thumb: Do not play with the whole team, but with Alex Hunter – then the goals usually are easier to achieve.

Hazard FIFA 17 Astuce

5. Insufficient overview? To change the camera

Much more important than the conversations are your performance on the court. However, the default setting in “The Journey”, the so-called “Be A Pro” – If you only play with Alex Hunter and not with the whole team. The looks cool, but many players find this view not clear. In the settings you can but the normal camera activate.

6. Which club to choose?

After the junior competitions of “The Journey”, you can opt for any Premier League club. Here begins the career of Alex Hunter. But for which club should one choose? In general: Small associations pay less money, but the chance of a regular place higher. The competitive pressure in prestigious teams such as Manchester United or Arsenal, however, is much higher, but here waving the big money.

use 7. Free training will be useful

Multiple in the career you have the opportunity to study a free training. The more difficult the exercise, the more you improve yourself – if you complete the exercise successfully. Best also one concentrates on exercises for essential skills such as shooting power.

8. Is it bad if you lose a game?

Not really. Even if you lose two or three games, will continue the game. However, you can also fly from the team when the coach disappointed too often. If you fail at first in the junior competitions, you can simply try again. Although it suggests the game differently – too big, the pressure is not. Overall a career in “The Journey” will take 10 to 15 hours, depending on whether you play the training itself or can only be simulated. FIFA 17 Hack

9. Can Alex hurt?

Yes, Alex can be injured in games. but real consequences not: More than one video stream and some advice from the coach, you should be more careful next time, there is not.

10. These bonuses can be free to play

In the course of “The Journey” you unlock multiple Players out on loan for the mode “Fifa Ultimate Team” (FUT). At the end of the season – and career – you get Alex Hunter for his own Ultimate Team. The strength of the playing card is geared to the values of the career-figure. training One should take seriously so if you want a strong FUT card. Overpowering the FUT card is not, they reached at the end of the 75 points.



This year promises FC Barcelona already at the launch of PES Thurs 2017 great changes, especially with the arrival of 6 legends of one of the world’s biggest clubs, FC Barcelona. However, just yesterday a new information comes to upset the expectations of the fans on the final number of legends to find in this version of PES.

PES 2017: 6 legends

Since the announcement of FC Barcelona partnership with Konami, more than 250 million fans of the Catalan club have been affected. However, to ensure good score his stroke, especially stand out from its direct competitor EA Sports, Konami revealed six new legends of the Catalan club, and that during the playtest second build of PES 2017. So the identity of these legends do not stay long in the shadows, so we left without surprise: Puyol, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Xavi and Luis Enrique. A nice selection, which could unleash the passion of the players. The only lingering issue about them is: By what means get them?

Luis Enrique
Luis Enrique


New legends approach

Konami yesterday announced through a tweet that indeed, over 20 Barcelonan legends will be present in this new Opus. Already with 6 legends, fans stamped their feet impatiently, so now their number is multiplied by 3, fans are ecstatic. The question now is to find out the identity of those legendary players and especially how to get them? Players will inevitably intensify militancy for the chance to own their favorite players, who forged the history of football.

PES 2017: it becomes more critical

Since the release date of the game was announced, blogs and forums are mobbed by fans, debates are raging about the impressions of the players. And every new information from Konami, a torrent of messages and comments invade the canvas. Like what this year, the Japanese giant has surpassed. All players are looking for something new, and now things are going, still more surprises await us by 15 September. It is already possible to download pes 2017 on Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and PC.

The most effective working asphalt 8 hack cheat

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Knows the best tricks for the Clash Royale

Clash Royale has been one of the games greatest expectations have risen in recent months. Both Clash of Clans fans as those who are not, we have had some curious to see how Supercell would be able to implement a strategy game and letters within the fantasy world of Clash of Clans. The result has been very good and after only a few weeks and has more than 10 million downloads and rising at a dramatic rate. However, strategy games can often be a challenge, so here we bring you some tips for Clash Royale and thus help to progress through the game more easily.

Do not miss the tricks for clash royale

clash royale tricks

Level Up Fast

Which is quite important to advance Clash Royale is level up. You can do this simply by fighting in battles, but there are some ways to get experience that not everyone knows. For this it is essential that you join a clan, as well as giving you experience allows you to perform other actions will also result in extra experience. Among them, donate your letters to fellow clan. Getting to 20 cards, watch a battle through TV Royale or leveling up your characters are other ways to gain experience to level up.

Attentive to the coffers

One of the tricks to the most important Clash Royale is periodically enter the application to get the wooden chests that give you free every 4 hours. Note that you can collect up to 2 unopened, so if you connect every 8 hours you will be squeezing the most of the resources that gives you the game.

If you do not want to have to be counting the hours, you can always turn on notifications for the application to go warning you when you have new boxes have been opened or others.

Some caskets are slow to open, so we are often tempted to use gems to accelerate, but really if we have a little patience can prevent this. You try to open the chests of silver when you’re active and you can open several program soon and take the longest to when you go to sleep and so take advantage of better weather.

The letters are the basis of the game

royale tricks for clash

Manage resources is fine, but what will bring victory in battle are the cards of your deck. You know that you can only have bundles of 8 cards , so that the deck has to be very balanced. One of the tricks to the Clash Royale concerning the deck would be that the cards do not have an average expenditure of more than 4.5 elixir, because if they have a cost too high can not react quickly to an attack.

Another very important aspect is the evolution of your cards. At first you will have all level one, but as can should go increasing their level. Clash Royale Hack